Innovative, user-friendly and versatile

Tacodi™’s innovative, user-friendly and versatile VC products and VC technology platform are a part of 'Make in India' initiative and are designed, developed and manufactured based on Global standards. Tacodi™ supports the futuristic Digital India Mission committed to digitally connecting and empowering people from all sections of society, especially those from remote rural areas.

We offer innovative, intuitive, affordable and user-friendly VC technology and VC product solutions for all your VC requirements - for organizations of all sizes - from Small Businesses to Large Corporates and Government Departments.


Tacodi™ VCaaS

Tacodi™ Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) provides enterprises a seamless solution for high definition video communication, anytime and anywhere. This offering delivers faster business execution, operator assistance, flexibility and scalability, and comes bundled with managed services. VCaaS is the delivery of point-to-point and multi-point video conferencing capabilities over an IP network and includes call production, endpoint management, multi-point high definition (HD) bridging, white-glove concierge services, recording and archiving.


VCaaS provides enterprises a seamless solution for high definition video communication, anytime and anywhere, without any capital investment. Everything the customer needs to implement, deploy and use high quality video conferencing, like MCU appliances, VC conference room endpoints, bandwidth (for server and/or client), client software licenses etc are included in one package.

Since the customer does not ‘own’ the VC infrastructure, they only pay a monthly/yearly fee for using video conferencing. VCaaS offers faster business execution, operator assistance, flexibility and scalability and comes bundled with managed services.

Enjoy real unlimited scalability

Tacodi™, a scalable and high-performance communication platform that integrates video, audio, desktop sharing, and data collaboration, is the ideal service for hosting all of your online meetings.


Capable of being embedded into virtually any website or software application, it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to hold online meetings or, for those with websites who wish to engage their user communities in real time.

Our flexible platform allows an unlimited number of users to interact by using a highly effective videoconferencing and web collaboration environment that seamlessly combines video, audio, desktop sharing, and text chat.


Experience seamless HD meetings

Tacodi Meeting Solutions is a single vendor that offers you standards based high quality hardware, software and room system options built from the ground up to deliver a seamless meeting experience with stunning 4K quality. What's more, our solutions come with the finest provisions for the security of your data and infrastructure.


Tacodi Meeting Solutions include the right features to stay productive while maintaining the quality, security and scalability of your business needs, all without compromising HD quality video or ease of use while our technology platform offers tremendous deployment flexibility for your video conferencing and collaboration needs.

You can deploy an unlimited number of Conferencing Nodes where and when you need them. If your organization is multi location, you can simply deploy a Conferencing Node in each location even across continents.

Rest assured with our Global Customer Support


Our professional deployment services and 24/7 support is totally reliable and available anywhere in the world so that your teams stay connected, collaborative and productive.


Stay safe with our Enterprise Security & Compliance

We ensure security and compliance through enterprise-grade encryption by default, single sign-on support, and independent third-party SSL certificate for security and privacy.


Tacodi™ clients work behind your enterprise firewall/proxy and ensure secure cloud deployment. With Firewall/NAT traversal, your meetings are private and secure, even if you have existing video conferencing hardware and software from multiple vendors.

Enjoy the Convenience of Multi-Vendor/Multi-Device Interoperability

Whether you prefer using Tacodi VC endpoints or Cisco, Polycom or LifeSize video endpoints in your conference room or your hybrid work environment, all of these platforms are now compatible with Tacodi™ meetings.


You can use Tacodi™ with any SIP/H.323 hardware or software endpoint, web browsers on Mac and PC (desktops and laptops alike), smartphones such as the iPhone or Android, and any tablet, like the iPad, Kindle, and Android tablets. Our VC hardware and software makes it easy and convenient to collaborate with coworkers, partners, and customers.

Tacodi is simple, flexible and accommodating to the way you work.

  • Works with any video conferencing service
  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports single- and dual displays
  • Centralized remote management
  • No hidden costs or add-ons

Multi-Party Meetings


Tacodi™ supports an unlimited number of participants (including SIP/H.323 endpoints). This makes it the ideal video conferencing solution for all of your professional needs, including: online courses, global team meetings, sales calls, and HR interviews.

Rich Content/Desktop Sharing

With Tacodi™, it is easy to share visual content and information in real-time HD with the other participants in your meetings.


Users have the capability to display an entire desktop (both Mac and Windows), a specific file such as a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, or simply just a portion of a screen. Even SIP/H.323 endpoints can view your shared content while they watch the video feed.

Tacodi™ makes it possible for you to share your latest marketing slides or budget-tracking spreadsheet in true high definition (up to 1080p).


Enterprise Ready

Your IT staff can easily integrate Tacodi™ Server, Tacodi™ MCU and Tacodi™ Clients into your existing software and hardware infrastructure, providing a single sign-on, web integration, and CRM integration.


Tacodi™ also supports single sign-on with Google Apps for Business and integrates seamlessly into your Outlook or Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

Real-Time 4K HD Video


Users of Tacodi™ are able to adjust the video quality settings that are provided by the video hardware. All participants can send and receive real-time video in high-definition quality up to 4K.


Recording & Playback

Powerful yet intuitive, the recording and playback functionality of Tacodi™ makes divided focus in meetings where multiple documents & videos are shared simultaneously, a thing of the past


With Tacodi™, users can now record audio, video, and data sharing from every participant allowing you to recreate the timeline of communication. Our innovative technology allows users to replay the meeting with focus on any of the documents or videos shared, from any participant’s perspective.